The Top Closure is ideal for women who want to wear a natural looking weave, but have all of their own hair covered up at the same time.  It is the final piece you need to close your weave so that all of your own hair is protected underneath.

  • Base Material: French lace in a brown color.  A breathable base that allows you to part the hair in any direction
  • Base Dimensions: 3.5 inch wide x 4 inch front to back
  • Hair Type: 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair with a natural wave pattern
  • Optional Extras: PU reinforcement around the perimeter


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How do I maintain Wavy hair?

To add definition to the natural wave braid sections of the hair tightly to sleep, then loosen in the morning.  Use a lightweight serum every other day to soften and add sheen.

You can also wear this hair straight using ceramic straightening irons.  Always apply a heat protective spray or serum to your hair before using heated styling tools.

Wash and condition your hair every 7 - 14 days.  Using a good conditioner will revive your hair every time!

Cover your hair with a silky cap before sleeping to preserve your style.


Can I color this Indian hair?

Yes.  It is easier to make hair darker than it is to lighten it.  Add dark tones to this hair by using a conditioning color rinse.  To lighten this hair please consult a professional colorist.



Product disclaimer

Texture:  The hair sold on this site is "Virgin" hair.  This means that it has not been processed to achieve a specific texture or wave pattern.  All textures and wave patterns are natural and will vary slightly from bundle to bundle.  The pictures we provide give a good indication of the texture we have, but every hair is unique.

Colour:  This hair has not been dyed to achieve a specific commercial color.  All colors are natural and will vary slightly from bundle to bundle.  Our virgin hair comes in what we describe as "off black" (close to 1b), "dark brown" (close to 2), and "medium brown" (close to 3).  

Length:  This hair is "Single drawn".  Each bundle is measured at its longest point, when completely straight.  Hair that has a well defined wave or curl pattern can appear slightly shorter than its true length.


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