Frequently asked questions

Q – Why should I buy from Weave Good Hair?

Weave Good Hair was one of the first  non-Chinese companies to sell Virgin hair extensions online.  We are women who wear the product ourselves.  So we know first-hand what you're looking for in a quality, long lasting product.

"Selling hair" has become hugely popular over the years - and hair marketed as "Brazilian", "Peruvian" and "Mongolian" has flooded the market and become the norm. Unfortunately many hair vendors can't really vouch for where their comes from or its quality.

Weave Good Hair started out selling Virgin hair from Indian Temples. This remains our flagship product today, as we believe it's the most natural looking, genuine virgin hair.  Our location in Hong Kong allows us to travel to  India regularly to oversee the production of our hair and maintain our quality.

True Virgin hair has never been chemically processed and the cuticle remains healthy and intact. This what you can expect when you order from Weave Good Hair.


Q – How do you price your hair?

We want to provide good value for money, so we've consciously avoided using fancy packaging which would bump up the price for you. You can be confident that when you buy from us, all you're paying for is good quality hair.

The price of Virgin hair might seem high. But perceptions have been skewed by the introduction of cheaper, lower quality hairs that are marketed using the same words ("Virgin", "Remy"), and"Brazilian" etc

Over the past ten years its become more popular to wear human hair. So as the demand has gone up, so has the price. This means its not possible to sell real Virgin hair at rock bottom prices. So if the price is too good to be true, so is the hair. 

Good quality hair isn't cheap, but we believe the benefits outweigh the cost. Some of our customers have been using our hair for years.

We are now accepting PayPal Credit, which allows you to spread the cost of your order. Click here for more information.


Q – Can I use heated tools like flat irons and curling tongs?

YES!  Weave Good Hair is naturally strong, versatile, and pleasantly easy to manage.  First protect the hair with a heat protective spray or serum, and then style away.  The hair will revert to its natural texture when wet.


Q – Can I wash this hair?

YES!  Weave Good Hair uses only 100% virgin human hair.  This means it will not matt or become dull like the hair from the beauty supply store when washed.  Condition your hair regularly to enhance its natural properties.


Q- What colours does the hair come in?

Weave Good Hair uses 100% virgin hair.  This means that the colors are 100% natural and cannot be guaranteed (unless buying from our colored section).  The natural colors range from Off black to medium brown tones. You can tell us if you have a particular color preference in the comments section, and will do our best to accommodate you. 


Q- Do you provide a custom coloring service?

Yes.  If you would like a commercial color #1 or #1b we can provide you with a custom coloring service at $20 per packet. For other customer colors or ombre, please send an enquiry to weavegoodhair@gmail.com.


Q – How much hair do I need?

Each packet of hair weighs 100g (3.5oz).  Three packets is generally enough to do one full head of extensions with a small amount of your own hair left out at the top.  If you're using the longer lengths, i.e. 20 inches and upward, then we recommend you purchase four packets of hair.  This is because the longer the length of hair is, the shorter the weft is going to be.  You won't be able to achieve as many "tracks" from a long length (20-30 inch) as you will from a short or medium length (10-18 inch).  To complete a full weave using 18 inch hair for example, the average person will use 300g of hair, which is around two and a half to three packets.


Q – How long will this hair last?

Weave Good Hair selects healthy virgin hair that is naturally strong and durable.  Your hair will last as long as you look after it.  Take care of your hair by washing and conditioning it regularly with quality products.  Take care not to pull or tug at the weft as this will cause damage and limit the life of the extension.  Our customers have used this hair for up to 5 installations.


Q – Where do you ship from? 

Our hair comes from India and is stored in Hong Kong.  All orders are shipped from our Hong Kong storage facility.  At times we may ship orders via London as this may speed up delivery times on European orders.


Q – When will I receive my order?

We endeavor to dispatch all in-stock orders within 24 hours.  You will receive an email confirmation with details of how to track your order once it has been shipped.  Please allow 4-6 working days for your order to arrive.


Q - How do I use the currency converter?

Our default currency is the US Dollar.  To view prices in Pounds or Euros, simply select the "Pound" or "Euro" tab in the circle at the very top of the page.  The prices shown on the SHOP page will change automatically when you view the hair lengths or add a product to your shopping cart.


Q – Do you sell in bulk?

YES!  You can enjoy huge savings by buying in bulk (per 10 packets).  Vist the wholesale page and fill in the form to get our wholesale prices.