Types of weft

Types of weft

Weave Good Hair provides hair for extensions in three forms: Machine weft, Micro weft, Bulk hair

1.   Machine weft: The most common type of weft, sewn together by machine.  Machine wefts are especially versatile.  The weft can be cut to create “tracks” of hair that are either sewn on to your own corn-rowed hair, glued (bonded) onto partings in the scalp, or glued onto a stocking cap.  Whether you want a little enhancement, or a full on hair transformation, machine wefts will do the trick!

2.    Micro weft: Micro wefts are handmade by expert craftsmen and women.  They are exceptionally thinner than standard wefts and lie virtually undetectable against the head when applied correctly.  Micro wefts reduce the problem of hair bumps caused by thick wefts and poor application. 

The micro weft should not be applied in the same way as the machine weft.  Instead of cutting it, it is preferable to apply the hair as one continuous track, folding over and tacking down edges where needed.  If the micro weft is cut, the ends should be sealed well with bonding glue to avoid unravelling.

3.  Bulk hair:  Weave Good Hair also provides hair in bulk, with no weft.  Our bulk hair is of the same fine quality, with unidirectional cuticles.  Bulk hair can be used for single strand fusion extensions, braiding, pick-and-drop braids, and also for custom made wigs and closures.