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  • Machine sewn weft.  Triple stitched for strength and durability
  • 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair with a natural curl pattern
  • Natural soft curls can be further enhanced using curlers and other styling tools.  Please note that curly hair can be thicker in texture.  Curly hair requires added maintenance
  • Comes in natural dark tones ranging from Off black to Medium brown.  Color preferences are subject to availability.  (We will try to match your color preference as far as possible, but this cannot always be guaranteed)
  • Hair length: curly hair is measured when it is pulled straight to get the "true length".  When a curl pattern is tight it can appear to be shorter than its true length.  Please bear this in mind when placing your order.
  • Each pack has 100g of hair


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How do I maintain Curly hair?

Spray down entire head with water, or a solution of water and leave-in conditioner until saturated.  Alternatively you can give your hair a quick rinse while in the shower.  Use a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair while wet, starting from the ends and working your way up.  Then scrunch the hair in an upward motion to re-define the natural curl.  Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner or styling serum as needed and allow to air dry.

Attempting to run your fingers through your curly hair once dry will loosen the curl. 

Comb through nightly with a wide tooth comb or Tangle Teezer to discourage tangles.  Plait your hair down loosely, and cover with a silky cap before sleeping for added protection and easy styling in the morning.   

As those who were born with natural curly hair know, it takes effort and the use of specialist products to maintain healthy curls and keep them looking in tip top condition.  Take a look at the following websites for further advice on caring for naturally curly hair, and for recommended products:


Can I straighten Curly Indian hair?

Yes.  This is 100% natural human hair and it can be straightened as such.  Use a heat protective spray or serum before applying heat to the hair.  We like to use ghd ceramic straightening irons to achieve sleek straight locks with ease!

The natural curl pattern will re-form when you wash the hair.


Can I color this Indian hair?

Yes.  It is easier to make hair darker than it is to lighten it.  Add dark tones to this hair by using a conditioning color rinse.  To lighten this hair please consult a professional colorist.


Do you provide a coloring service?

Yes.  Should you require a commercial colour 1 or 1b we can provide you with a custom coloring service at $25 per packet.  Contact for details.


Product disclaimer

Texture:  The hair sold on this site is "Virgin" hair.  This means that it has not been processed to achieve a specific texture or wave pattern.  All textures and wave patterns are natural and will vary slightly from bundle to bundle.  The pictures we provide give a good indication of the textures we have, but every hair is unique.  Silkier textures of curly hair tend to have a loose curl pattern, while thick/coarse textures tend to have a tighter curl pattern.

Colour:  This hair has not been dyed to achieve a specific commercial color.  All colors are natural and will vary slightly from bundle to bundle.  Our virgin hair comes in what we describe as "off black" (close to 1b), "dark brown" (close to 2), and "medium brown" (close to 3).  

Length:  This hair is "Single drawn".  Each bundle is measured at its longest point, when completely straight.  Hair that has a well defined wave or curl pattern can appear slightly shorter than its true length.


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