We travel direct to source and hand-pick the finest quality Virgin Remy hair , because as image conscious women we know that hair matters!

Over the years we have personally experimented with different grades of synthetic and human hair extensions, so we understand the need for a more genuine human hair product that is versatile, manageable, lasts longer, looks better, and is affordable – Weave Good Hair has the answer!

Our hair is
100% natural, unprocessed human hair and is presented to you in its purest state. This means that you can benefit from the natural properties of the hair, which are: natural shine, free movement, and styling versatility. You can treat the hair in the same way you would treat your own hair – straighten it, curl it, wash it, swim with it – the results will be truly phenomenal!

We hope that you enjoy your experience of our hair.

Trust us – We’ave good hair!


Weave Good Hair