Halloween Hair Inspo

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So Halloween's just around the corner and we thought we'd be organised and start planning our outfits, hair, and make-up from now.


Once you've done a few Halloweens the looks tend to be a bit same-ish and repetiive. One way to make sure you turn heads is by giving your hairdo a little extra attention.


Here are some Halloween hair looks that made us scream!


Have Mercy Medusa!


Medusa hairstyle





Medusa afro hairstyle



Girl From Another World


Halloween wig



Sci-fi hair

(Daryna Barykina)


Pippi Longstocking



Silver Screen Siren


Harley Quinn vs Joker

(Daryna Barykina)


Betty Boop hair


Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle


Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts Afro

(Sandra Carr)


Chanel Queen of Hearts

(Chanel Catwalk)


Ice Ice baby


Ice Queen Hairstyle


Ice Queen hairstyle



Grey rose hairstyle

(Heather Labonte)


Mini But She Mighty!


Bow hairstyle


Mini Mouse hairstyle


Mini Mouse hairstyle


Nefertiti (Nuff said!)


Nefertiti hairstyle


Nefertiti hairstyle


egyptian headwrap


Whimsical Witch


modern witch hairstyle


Modern witch hairstyle

(Guy Tang)


Green Hair

(Daryna Barykina)


halloween hairstyles


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